Milanese Milieu

Intermediate Level Class

​Milanese Milieu is a sampler of Milanese and Cross Stitch variations in a color palette of blue-green/red-violet/yellow-orange.  A variety of threads and beads are used to create textural interest.  Three stitch areas highlight the cross stitch and milanese stitch variations with milanese variation pinwheels and cross stitch variation stars.  Stitch compensation, hiding thread travel on the back of open canvas areas and laying multi-stranded threads are covered in this class.

Red Square - Available Through ANG Cyber Workshop in 2019

Intermediate Level Class

Red Square is a combination of blackwork stitches and filling stitches, mixed media applications of netting, organza, novelty knitting yarn, and beads, that highlight a red square appliqué.  A limited color pallette adds some zest to the design while not overpowering the blackwork pattern variations.  The focal point is a traditional appliqué slip with a crescent variation focal point, decorative couching and beads.  Silks, metallics and specialty threads are used to create this stunning design.

Le Lys

Intermediate Level Class

Le Lys is a celebration of New Orleans.  The fleur de lys, which is front and center as an appliqué, is the iconic symbol of the city.  Lying behind the lys are three patterns based on wrought iron fences found in New Orleans, a familiar architectural feature of the city.  The other patterns on the ground fabric emphasize the diamond shapes in the patterns derived from the wrought iron fences.  The fleur de lys is stitched on organza covered congress cloth and attached to the ground canvas in a raw edge appliqué technique.  Silks, metallics and specialty threads are used to create this colorful piece.

​Needlepoint Design and Instruction

Noel - Available Through ANG Workshop by Mail in 2019
Intermediate Level Class
Noel is a small holiday design that incorporates the red and green Christmas colors with a sampling of fun stitch patterns.  The four-pointed red stars create a focal area with impact.  Composite stitch patterns are based on crossed stitches of all varieties.  Learn how to hide travel threads and prevent “lumpy-bumpy” thread build up behind openwork stitch patterns.  Threads include silks, metallics and silk & wool. 

The Wave - Retiring, last opportunity to take this course is through Metropolitan Region EGA in 2019

Intermediate Level Class

A large wave curls over sea and sky with a bright sun blazing in the background.  The sun is created using two different non-woven materials and appliqued to the canvas.  The wave is created using lutrador, painted with Copic markers, attached netting, couched threads, ruched thread and beads to create a translucent material that is attached over the stitches on the canvas.  The sky is created using four different laid filling patterns while the sea is made up of 18 different stitch patterns.   Stitched on 18 count color washed canvas with knitting yarn, silk, cotton, metallic and synthetic threads, beads and several transparent fabrics all combine to create this lovely picture. 

Not a Creature Was Stirring - Available Through ANG as a Correspondence Course in 2019
Intermediate Level Design

Nestled in the snow, a furry polar bear sleeps, waiting for Christmas morning.  The moon is high, casting shadows on the snowy landscape, Northern lights shine in the sky, lending a twinkling reflection to the crest of the hill.  A tree trimmed with bead ornaments, surrounded by decorated packages, brightens up this snowy scene.  This stand-up uses silks, cottons, wools, metallics, synthetic threads and beads to render a realistic landscape with a whimsical bent.  Stitches include random Ray and Gobelin, Vertical Nobuko, Encroaching Gobelin and Modified Brick Stitch, among others.

​Kits Available for Guild Workshops and On-line Group Classes

Come Sail Away

Intermediate Level Class

A colorful spinnaker sail, a mixed media sun, and seven stitch variations for the sky and five stitch variations for the sea make this a lively, fun piece to stitch.  Come Sail Away uses a color palette that includes the complementary pair of blue-green and red-orange to get the most impact for the sail, with the addition of yellow for the sun and sail and navy for the boat hull.  A variety of threads are used to add textural interest.  Stitch compensation, hiding thread travel on the back of open canvas areas and laying multi-stranded threads are covered in this class.

Distance Education Programs Available through the American Needlepoint Guild, Inc.

Along Came A Spider

Intermediate Level Design

​​Don’t look now, but a spider is descending from his web ...  Halloween is the impetus for this delightful design of eyelet stitch variations and cross stitch variations using silk, metallic and specialty threads.  Stitch compensation, hiding travel threads in open stitch areas and playful stitch combinations create a nice backdrop for that ... spider!

Needlepoint Designs

Reflections Heart
Intermediate Level Design

This small heart depicts the colors of the sky and flowers reflected in a body of water.  Three main stitching areas signify the sky, the flowers and the water.  Composite stitches, with layers of threads and stitches, and open canvas areas provide a learning environment for hiding travel threads.  Luscious threads and fun stitches make this piece an enjoyable stitching experience.

Intermediate Level Design

Holiday Dazzle is an intermediate level needlepoint design that includes a stitched background for a poinsettia focal point.  The poinsettia is made from sheer organza fabric edged in gold paint, which requires no stitching, with a beaded center that is attached on top of the stitching.  The design is stitched on 18 count eggshell canvas with silk, cotton and metallic threads as well as knitting yarn.  Stitches and techniques include decorative couching, darning patterns and composite stitch patterns.

Tallgrass Prairie - Available Through ANG Workshop by Mail May 1 - July 31, 2018
Intermediate Level Class
Illinois, unofficially known as the Prairie State, proudly lays claim to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School of Design.  Wright’s unique style of architecture in his houses and stained glass was the inspiration for this design.  Juxtaposed next to the stylized tallgrass plants, similar to Wright’s sumac windows, is a contemporary interpretation of tallgrass created with fabrics and threads.  The background sampler stitches echo the verticality of the grasses with long lines and “v” shapes that mimic the intersection of the leaf and the stalk of the grass.  Laid filling patterns are prominent in this piece, learning the intricacies of hiding travel threads is an important outcome in this class.  Stitched on 18 count canvas with a variety of beads and threads, the stitcher will be in for a treat in creating this contemporary prairie scene.