​Needlepoint Design and Instruction

Joni specializes in mixed media design and exploring different ways to enhance the needlepoint ground fabric using a variety of surface design techniques  prior to stitching.

Joni Stevenson is a Certified Senior Master Teacher through ANG’s Master Teacher Program, a Certified Needlework Judge through ANG’s Judging Program and is a Certified Knitting Judge through The Knitting Guild Association. Through her teaching, judging, designing and exhibiting experience she brings a thorough knowledge of what great needlepoint looks like.

Teaching and Kit Availability

Her blog, www.creative-stitch.blogspot.com is a means for her to share stitching tips and techniques with other stitchers so they can improve their work. 


Creative  design.

I am cutting back on traveling and switching to teaching through distance education venues - including selling kits, teaching on-line to groups and teaching through ANG's Distance Education Programs.

Please see my Needlepoint Designs page for my offerings.